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The Light client provides fewer features and is sometimes faster. Use the Light client if you are on a slow connection or using a computer with unusually strict browser security settings. If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer 6 or later, you can only use the Light client.

Change Notice

This page (the Login page for Outlook Web Access - OWA) is scheduled to change appearance on Thursday May 28th.

As part of this change, please ensure you are using the httpS version of the Outlook Web Access URL:


The unencrypted URL of (without the S in httpS) will receive a "443 – Forbidden: Access is denied" error starting Thursday May 28th. Notifications of what the new OWA login page will look like will be sent Wednesday May 27th.

This is a proprietary system of the City of Seattle and is for use by authorized individuals only.

Use of this system or any other computer system of the City of Seattle constitutes an express consent to monitoring at all times. If monitoring of any City system for either administrative, enforcement, or management purposes reveals possible violations of criminal statutes, all relevant information will be provided to law enforcement officials. Individuals using this or any other City computer system or related information without proper authorization will be subject to possible internal disciplinary actions, civil and/or criminal prosecution. By proceeding beyond this screen you are acknowledging that you understand and accept the content of this notice. C2

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